Rockland County Divorce Mediation

As with any matrimonial matter, at Yaniv & Associates, PC our goal is to secure a fair and equitable outcome while at the same time minimizing our clients’ anxiety, time commitment and legal expenses. Often many Family Law issues can be resolved without the need for any court appearances or litigation, through the widely-accepted mediation approach. Where possible, our attorneys encourage matrimonial clients to consider the benefits of Mediation as a flexible, cost-effective and confidential alternative to heated matrimonial litigation. Through Mediation our attorneys assist with the exchange of information and act as a neutral facilitator enabling matrimonial clients to resolve their conflicts and arrive at a resolution that all parties can live with. Mediation becomes increasingly more significant where children are involved. Child custody disputes can be long, costly and emotionally draining. mediation provides a shorter and more amicable approach – one that seeks to protect children from the harsh consequences of a difficult divorce. 

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